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When you believ…

When you believe you are worth something, the universe moves

I don’t know who said it, but I saw this quote a couple days ago and it resonated with me. For a while, life seemed kind of down in the dumps in terms of money and finding a job. I got the job and now I make more money, however, I just thought I was lucky in getting a job so soon after I graduated with so little experience. But, along the way, I realized they saw some kinda of potential in me and I started feeling more valuable and actually worth something. Dave also helped me with that. He’s my source of pick me up and unconditional love. He really does make me feel worthwhile and I noticed he’s been laying it on kind of thick. I guess after those moments I started looking at myself in a more positive way, and things started looking on the up and up,

I guess what I’m trying to say is that when I started to believe in myself, the universe moved with me.


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March 4, 2014 · 3:15 pm

Update Update Update

It’s time! Time for another update I mean. I’ve been slacking AGAIN. But here we go, back in December I completed my Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. WOOT! All done. No more horrible group work, no more annoying online crap, now onto paying my bills. HA. Not. I didn’t walk as I saw that to be completely pointless and I didn’t want to go to Tallahassee for it. The last couple semesters were pretty much torture for me as I was so over school and wanted to find a better paying job. Which leads me to the next part of my update…

I got a job! Like a real paying, not working late at night, a regular 9-5, full time LIBRARIAN job. YES! So soon after I graduated? I know. I couldn’t believe it. I chalk up a lot if not all of it to luck. It just had to be the right time and right place. A week before my 6mo probation popped up, the full time librarian position became available. I expected this to be a learning experience. Go through the process, the assessments, if I was lucky enough, the interview. It was all wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. Within about 1.5 month I received the offer and started promptly two weeks later. Thank my lucky stars, as I wasn’t going to get a loan to help pay the bills; but had now acquired a full time paying job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a rich bitch where I’m making it rain. I’ve been trying to be the responsible adult and catch up on bills, save money for upcoming trips, and saving up for another event. Which leads up to the last little ditty in my update…

I’m engaged! Yeah, you heard that right. Dave asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve. I’ve been telling everyone it happened Christmas day so I don’t have to explain too much. We had to go travelling the next day, so we he didn’t want me to feel rushed. Safe to say, I said yes and I am completely in love with the ring and of course Dave. 😉 I’ll probably start planning sometime after April as we have three weddings to attend and I hope I’ll get some ideas then. The details I’ve figure out is to have it sometime in the Fall in 2015. I think September or October is a safe bet. As of right now, I’m doing research on budgeting, planning, venues, and colors. The only colors I came up with are grey, green, maybe brown, and some light purples. Obviously I need to trim that down a bit, but it’s just too hard and time consuming.

I’ll try to update more as I have more time on my hands. It is a good amount of sitting and being on the computer.

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Quote me Sundays…or Monday

Don’t let a bad day , make you feel like you have a bad life


I think this goes hand in hand with last week’s quote of not allowing your mood to dictate your manners. This reminds of a couple Saturdays ago where I allowed my mood to dictate my manners and in turn, made me get into a fight with my boyfriend about me feeling like my life is crap. Which it is not! Not even close. I really have to let go of things sometimes…all the time…more than I do.

I was late posting again because I was actually productive! I was writing cover letters for two jobs I am applying for at UF. I also applied for another job at UF as part of an OPS team. :Crossing fingers: This new job at the county library has made me realize how much I don’t like it. It has reaffirmed my decision to focus on academic libraries. But, I’ll stick with it, and who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it a bit more than I do now. I blame it on waking up at 745am three mornings out of the week! And tomorrow, I have to BE at a meeting at 8am. What malarkey!

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Shshshelving books

Started a new job this week…I am a page at a local library. I am not upset. I am excited…well kind of. I started on Monday, and everyone at this library is lovely. They are so nice to me and so helpful…I feel guilty that I am applying at other jobs. A couple positions opened up at the University of Florida, and I am applying to them. I did not get the other UF job because I did not have enough (or any) supervisory experience. Disappointment was an understatement. But, not this time! I’ll apply and keep going with this job. I also applied for a job that is a level or two higher than my current job. Also…being cautiously optimistic. At first, I thought it was just raining good fortune on me, so many job openings, I had to get at least one of them. And, I did. But, it was my last choice one. However, I cannot complain. I am learning things everyday. It does suck to have to wake up early three days a week, but it could be worse. It could be everyday…

So, what am I doing exactly? I am shelving books…all day everyday. It’s not too bad. For right now, I’m focused on the juvenile part of the library; which is probably a good thing. If I had the YA section, I would be checking out more books than shelving them. I also find books for holds, which is a lot more fun than shelving. It’s much easier to find a book, than putting away a lot of books. I think of it as a game. I want to empty my section’s shelves before I leave. And, I did today. At least tomorrow, I can come in later. Woot.

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Fate and Coincidence meet


I’d like to think that all great and wonderful relationships happen this way.

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June 19, 2013 · 1:55 pm

Currently reading…


Reading this graphic novel for my graphic novels class. I don’t have much experience in graphic novels…hence me taking the class. This is a coming of age type of graphic novel of a young teenage girl. It was very relatable beginning from getting braces and the attempts to find yourself. I think this would be excellent for a middle school to high school audience as it could be very relatable to them. Overall an excellent read.


I’m starting this book tonight. I’m kind over the YA paranormal romances for right now, and moving onto contemporary novels. I read her other novel Hopeless, and I really enjoyed it. I loved both the characters and I hope this one will be equally enjoyable.

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Books Everyone Should Read

Books Everyone Should Read

From what I can see, I’ve read: Harry Potter, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, The Da Vinci Code, Wuthering Heights, Memoirs of A Geisha, The Handmaid’s Tale, Twilight, Beloved, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Bell Jar. My favorites out of these are Harry Potter and the Handmaid’s Tale. As much as I love Jane Austen, I haven’t read her books completely yet. This will be remedied by the end of summer.

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June 16, 2013 · 11:21 am