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I miss my seeeeessssterrrrs.


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December 13, 2011 · 3:00 pm

Library School Update

I’ve been reading Hack Library School lately.  I’ve read their post on what to do your first term.  I’m a little behind, however, better late than never.  The two classes that I took this semester was LIS 5020: Foundations of Information Professions and LIS 5442: Information Leadership.

The reason I took 5020 was because I was ignorant of what a librarian actually did and if there were careers outside the library profession.  I found this class to be very dry and not at all as interesting as I thought it would be.  I was also very unprepared for all the group work that was to be done.  Since my background is in English Lit, I usually worked by myself.  However, here, not only did I have to be accountable for to myself, but for a my group members.  This ended up being a good thing.  There’s nothing worse than losing face in my opinion. I enjoyed my group members and hope that I can keep in touch while I finish up school.  The assignments were kind of painful.  I did learn about policies and issues affecting the information professional.  I found the class kind of kitschy, corny maybe?  The teaching style was not very effective for me I suppose.  But, again, it is my first semester; I need to keep an open mind.

As for 5442, I LOVED THIS CLASS.  I loved everything about this class.  I loved the professor (who also happens to be my advisor).  She was great.  The reading was engaging.  We always had some sort of in-class presentation to do.  This I realized later on in my other class was a great asset.  Since I am an online student, I had to get used to using the microphone.  At first I was terrified, but as we kept on doing the in-class presentation; I became very comfortable with speaking.  This class was very reflective.  She made us take a lot of personality and leadership surveys to help us figure what kind of leader we were and what we needed to do to improve our leadership skills.  I also loved, loved, LOVED my group.  These women were awesome, helpful, and amazing.  I learned a lot more about this group than my other group.  The reason I enrolled in this class is because I am supremely interested in obtaining a certificate in leadership and management.  After working at the restaurant in different “head” positions, I realized I like being in control and telling people what to do.  I think this certificate will not only help me attain this goal, but will make me a better leader in the process.

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Christmas in Florida


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December 5, 2011 · 3:56 pm

Wendy’s review

I don’t like the toasted bread. Gimme back my old Wendy’s!

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