So That Didn’t Happen

So, that new year’s resolution failed…like epically failed. Well, we’ll try again. I am perpetually updating this blog. Let’s start:

  • Dave got a new job. He was super unhappy with BKC, and when Hiro offered him the GM job at Dfly, he jumped into it with open arms. Ok, probably, not with open arms. It’s Dave we’re talking about here. After multiple meetings with the higher ups, he is 2-3 weeks away from completing training and becoming the big man. He is super happy and that’s all that matter. It’s his dream to open his own restaurant, doing this GM gig will probably help more than he knows.
  • I’m on the hunt for a new job. If one remembers, when Dave took the GM position at Rolls n’ Bowls, I went over the Dfly. It was just healthier for our relationship if I didn’t work with him. We can chalk most of that to me being super immature and being mad at him for telling me what to do. HELLO!? I’m your girlfriend not your employee, I thought. Wrong. So, now that Dave is the Gm at Dfly, I’ve been interviewing at the UF library and county libraries. It looks promising, but I don’t want to jinx myself just yet. I’m little scared to try something new. I’ve been with Dfly for the last 5.5 years, and that place is my security blanket. Everyone loves me, what if the new place doesn’t? I would say I’m just a tad worried, but not overly stressing out. I am torn between academic libraries and public libraries. I believe in what public libraries are doing, however, I feel like I’ll be more challenged in an academic library setting. I’m confused, and time is running out for me to decide where my career path should be heading.
  • I am taking summer classes this year. As much as I dislike summer classes, these two classes I’m taking are only offered in the summer. The two classes I’m taking are graphic novels and storytelling. I am enjoying both classes so far, as these are the most fun and least technical classes I’ve ever taking in my MLIS career.
  • Pearl is back from Italy and is in love. She says she wants to move to Buenos Aires next year…and Dave’s sister is moving to B.A next year too. If we go visit both our sisters, we’d have to bring Pauline along so we can all be together in South America!
  • Speaking of Pauline…she got into pharmacy school! She’ll be attending Midwestern University in Chicago. My parents are worried, but I am just so happy and proud of her. I knew she could do it! Making Pearl and I look bad…haha. I know my baby sister is all grown up and she’ll do great and make us even prouder than we are now.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to blog more often…I’m on the internet for a long periods of time everyday; might as well do something useful with my time.


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