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Another option somewhat down the drain

So, we all know about my trials and tribulations about becoming a teacher.  I went through that long process and money to find out that I have to take tests to become fully certified.  No problem there.  I expect to be tested to make sure that I am sane enough to do this.  Now, I find out that there are hiring freezes for teachers in the state of Florida.  Well, good job there!  Man, this sucks.  So, my next plan is I am getting into grad school for education.  Some of you may be saying that’s  a bad idea because how would that help me?  I would be prolong (once again) my entry to the job world.  Stats say that grad school applications increases as the economy goes down.  I am a part of that stat.  I have been studying for the GRE in the process and it’s going ok.  I’m doing a chapter a week and studying vocab during.

I need to find a better job because I am working less shifts at work because we are overstaffed.  I am already pretty mad over the situation in the hostess department.  I know I shouldn’t be mad because it’s my career and I really shouldn’t care; but I do care.  I put a lot of effort in whatever job that I do and I do care a good amount.  At this moment in time, I wish I didn’t though.  I keep on getting taken advantage and sometimes I feel pretty much useless and stupid.  I hate feeling like that and I don’t think anyone else does either.  And because I haven’t been making as money as I normally do, I cannot afford the luxury of baking as much.  I know, sad.  I can only hope someone gets voted off the island (not me), and/or find a better job.  Who knows.   The plan is to be out of Gainesville by the time the lease ends (July?).  I can only hope I don’t shoot myself in the foot by moving and not have a concrete plan by the time I get there.

Let’s up for the best and more baking!


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