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Update Update Update

It’s time! Time for another update I mean. I’ve been slacking AGAIN. But here we go, back in December I completed my Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. WOOT! All done. No more horrible group work, no more annoying online crap, now onto paying my bills. HA. Not. I didn’t walk as I saw that to be completely pointless and I didn’t want to go to Tallahassee for it. The last couple semesters were pretty much torture for me as I was so over school and wanted to find a better paying job. Which leads me to the next part of my update…

I got a job! Like a real paying, not working late at night, a regular 9-5, full time LIBRARIAN job. YES! So soon after I graduated? I know. I couldn’t believe it. I chalk up a lot if not all of it to luck. It just had to be the right time and right place. A week before my 6mo probation popped up, the full time librarian position became available. I expected this to be a learning experience. Go through the process, the assessments, if I was lucky enough, the interview. It was all wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. Within about 1.5 month I received the offer and started promptly two weeks later. Thank my lucky stars, as I wasn’t going to get a loan to help pay the bills; but had now acquired a full time paying job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a rich bitch where I’m making it rain. I’ve been trying to be the responsible adult and catch up on bills, save money for upcoming trips, and saving up for another event. Which leads up to the last little ditty in my update…

I’m engaged! Yeah, you heard that right. Dave asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve. I’ve been telling everyone it happened Christmas day so I don’t have to explain too much. We had to go travelling the next day, so we he didn’t want me to feel rushed. Safe to say, I said yes and I am completely in love with the ring and of course Dave. 😉 I’ll probably start planning sometime after April as we have three weddings to attend and I hope I’ll get some ideas then. The details I’ve figure out is to have it sometime in the Fall in 2015. I think September or October is a safe bet. As of right now, I’m doing research on budgeting, planning, venues, and colors. The only colors I came up with are grey, green, maybe brown, and some light purples. Obviously I need to trim that down a bit, but it’s just too hard and time consuming.

I’ll try to update more as I have more time on my hands. It is a good amount of sitting and being on the computer.


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So That Didn’t Happen

So, that new year’s resolution failed…like epically failed. Well, we’ll try again. I am perpetually updating this blog. Let’s start:

  • Dave got a new job. He was super unhappy with BKC, and when Hiro offered him the GM job at Dfly, he jumped into it with open arms. Ok, probably, not with open arms. It’s Dave we’re talking about here. After multiple meetings with the higher ups, he is 2-3 weeks away from completing training and becoming the big man. He is super happy and that’s all that matter. It’s his dream to open his own restaurant, doing this GM gig will probably help more than he knows.
  • I’m on the hunt for a new job. If one remembers, when Dave took the GM position at Rolls n’ Bowls, I went over the Dfly. It was just healthier for our relationship if I didn’t work with him. We can chalk most of that to me being super immature and being mad at him for telling me what to do. HELLO!? I’m your girlfriend not your employee, I thought. Wrong. So, now that Dave is the Gm at Dfly, I’ve been interviewing at the UF library and county libraries. It looks promising, but I don’t want to jinx myself just yet. I’m little scared to try something new. I’ve been with Dfly for the last 5.5 years, and that place is my security blanket. Everyone loves me, what if the new place doesn’t? I would say I’m just a tad worried, but not overly stressing out. I am torn between academic libraries and public libraries. I believe in what public libraries are doing, however, I feel like I’ll be more challenged in an academic library setting. I’m confused, and time is running out for me to decide where my career path should be heading.
  • I am taking summer classes this year. As much as I dislike summer classes, these two classes I’m taking are only offered in the summer. The two classes I’m taking are graphic novels and storytelling. I am enjoying both classes so far, as these are the most fun and least technical classes I’ve ever taking in my MLIS career.
  • Pearl is back from Italy and is in love. She says she wants to move to Buenos Aires next year…and Dave’s sister is moving to B.A next year too. If we go visit both our sisters, we’d have to bring Pauline along so we can all be together in South America!
  • Speaking of Pauline…she got into pharmacy school! She’ll be attending Midwestern University in Chicago. My parents are worried, but I am just so happy and proud of her. I knew she could do it! Making Pearl and I look bad…haha. I know my baby sister is all grown up and she’ll do great and make us even prouder than we are now.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to blog more often…I’m on the internet for a long periods of time everyday; might as well do something useful with my time.

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An update of sorts?

Hey friends, life has been the same for me.  School started.  I am taking Marketing (LIS 5602) and Information Organization (LIS 5703).  LIS 5703 is a required core class and LIS 5602 is a part of the leadership and management track I’m following.  It seems that LIS 5703 will be the most difficult class.  It is very labor and reading intensive.  And, it seems that there is not a lot of group work going on.  However, the professor is very nice and very helpful.  He seems to want you to succeed and will help you as much as he can.  LIS 5602 does not meet at all.  All the work is through discussion boards and assignments.  However, we have groups. And, one of my group mates from last semester is in it with me; so it might be a little easier for me, hopefully.

I had my evaluation at work the other day.  I was worried I would get worked up and start crying.  I was thinking back to teacher-parent conferences and I would ALWAYS cry.  I don’t like it when people are disappointed in me.  This evaluation, on the other hand, wasn’t so bad.  I’m not gonna lie, it made me want to try again; to actually make myself a better employee.  I guess that’s what evaluations are supposed to be.  I do realize that I am somewhat harsher and harder on people I don’t like it.  I am trying to move past that.  I have to keep on reminding myself that my standards aren’t the same as everyone else’s (even though I wish very much) and that this is just a job and not a career.

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Library School Update

I’ve been reading Hack Library School lately.  I’ve read their post on what to do your first term.  I’m a little behind, however, better late than never.  The two classes that I took this semester was LIS 5020: Foundations of Information Professions and LIS 5442: Information Leadership.

The reason I took 5020 was because I was ignorant of what a librarian actually did and if there were careers outside the library profession.  I found this class to be very dry and not at all as interesting as I thought it would be.  I was also very unprepared for all the group work that was to be done.  Since my background is in English Lit, I usually worked by myself.  However, here, not only did I have to be accountable for to myself, but for a my group members.  This ended up being a good thing.  There’s nothing worse than losing face in my opinion. I enjoyed my group members and hope that I can keep in touch while I finish up school.  The assignments were kind of painful.  I did learn about policies and issues affecting the information professional.  I found the class kind of kitschy, corny maybe?  The teaching style was not very effective for me I suppose.  But, again, it is my first semester; I need to keep an open mind.

As for 5442, I LOVED THIS CLASS.  I loved everything about this class.  I loved the professor (who also happens to be my advisor).  She was great.  The reading was engaging.  We always had some sort of in-class presentation to do.  This I realized later on in my other class was a great asset.  Since I am an online student, I had to get used to using the microphone.  At first I was terrified, but as we kept on doing the in-class presentation; I became very comfortable with speaking.  This class was very reflective.  She made us take a lot of personality and leadership surveys to help us figure what kind of leader we were and what we needed to do to improve our leadership skills.  I also loved, loved, LOVED my group.  These women were awesome, helpful, and amazing.  I learned a lot more about this group than my other group.  The reason I enrolled in this class is because I am supremely interested in obtaining a certificate in leadership and management.  After working at the restaurant in different “head” positions, I realized I like being in control and telling people what to do.  I think this certificate will not only help me attain this goal, but will make me a better leader in the process.

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