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Spring Break

Spring break has finally arrived.  The weather in Gainesville has been in the 70s.  Can’t complain too much here.  I must appreciate it before it gets too swampy.  I didn’t go anywhere for the break because we have so many other trips to worry about.  We have a wedding in Boca in April, we have our annual Memorial Day Trip, we might probably will be invited to a wedding in San Diego in June (on a Thursday?!), we’re planning on going to Ireland in August for two weeks, AND I’m hoping to head to College Station when the Gators play A&M for the first time in September. Whewww…A lot trips = a lot of money.  And, by the way, did I mention that we’re going to Atlanta next week so Dave can run a 1/2 marathon with his mom and that there is a library conference I might go to in April?

It probably isn’t a very good idea for me not to work Saturdays.  However, since Dave only has off on Sundays and Saturdays; I should take advantage of my schedule this semester.  Since 5602 doesn’t meet, I can take an extra day off with him.  Come future semesters, it’ll  be back to just have Sundays off and in the fall I have to work game days SOMETIMES.  I am trying to get a  start on this paper in 5703, but it’s so awful.

Remember:  Cataloging isn’t as fun as you though it would be.


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