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Trying Again

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to keep up on this blogging thing. I’ve been blogging all day and now, once again, feel inspired to try. I don’t know what I’ll write or what effect it’ll have on me. Hopefully, only good can come from it. I’ve been on tumblr a lot more now. It’s easier to use, but I feel not enough for me to head back on into blogging. It has been awhile since I’ve been here. Here’s an update:

The UMP and I are still together. It’s been 5 years. The dog and cat are well and alive. The puppy is a now an 88lb black giant dog. She surprisingly came out OK despite my fears and concerns. The cat on the other hand, pretty much wishes Lilah never came into our lives. We bought a house last year. “We” as in the UMP, I live there and help financially as well as being my awesome self. Lucky for this update everything else hereafter just happened within the last few months. I am currently a grad student. YAY! I know after many months of turmoil and trying to figure it out; I think I did. I am getting my Master’s in Library and Information Studies at Florida State University. I know…it kind of hurts my Gator soul, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m in my first semester and it’s kinda kicking my butt. It’s an online program, which is great because life can go on like clockwork. Because I am in grad school, I got what I really wanted…SCHOOL LOANS. Now, I am paying off my credit cards and hoping to consolidate the debt I’ve accrued. And, I kind of upgraded my life. I bought a MBP (Macbook Pro) and I love it. I converted and I ain’t going back.

The UMP just got a new job! He works for a fast food chain company’s corporate department. He is basically the face of corporate. He travels to different restaurants and makes sure they’re doing their thing. This the UMP’s and I’s first foray into the corporate world, and man, is it awesome. The UMP gets a company car, his cell paid for, his car insurance paid, and best of all…I get full benefits too for being a “domestic partner.” YES! But, most importantly, besides the more money; he is much happier. Even though he’s not in charge, I think he feels he just need a break from being the boss. He loves the culture…very go getter; which I feel is very much him.

I’m trying to clean the blog up. Hopefully it won’t take forever and a day. And, most importantly, hopefully I will keep this up.


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