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The UMP and puppy woes

The SO and I filled the census yesterday and he would now like to be called the unmarried partner, aka the UMP. So, future posts will have the SO as the UMP.

Onto other news, the UMP and I adopted a puppy a month ago. Her name is Lilah and she is a black lab mix. It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs, what have I gotten myself into, and I never want to have kids. The UMP’s dad was staying with us for a week and left this morning. So, of course on his last night with us, I lost it with the dog. I completely lost my cool and calmness with what the dog did.

Here’s the scene: The UMP’s dad and I were watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I turn slightly to see the dog jump on the chair. Then, I see her pop a squat and start peeing on the chair. I literally saw red. I immediately starting yelling. I yelled, “What were you thinking? What possessed you to do this? You know better than this! Lilah, how could you?! Why did you do this? Do you hate me? I can’t even look at you! I can’t even look at you. Don’t touch me! You just wait until the UMP gets home!” I also said some other things not appropriate for the internet. It’s bad enough I yelled at this poor dog, who looked very guilty if I do say so myself; but I yelled at her for 10 minutes in front of the UMP’s dad. I’m sure he’s going to use this episode to tell some interesting tales when he gets back to Argentina.


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