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Hey Little Fighter

Hey little fighter, things will soon be brighter.

Stormy End, Sunrise Avenue

Hey little fighter...

I’m going to apply this quote to my previous post. I’m just gonna keep on truckin’ til things get better.


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This is a rare event where I write a post about another blog.  I have been reading dooce for a few years now.  I have fallen in love with the Armstrong family.  I love Heather’s snarkiness and humor, Jon’s support and funny faces, Leta’s youth and intelligence, Marlo’s innocence and sweetness, Chuck’s poses, and Coco’s way of reminding me of my own dog, Lilah.  I read their posts of trial separation today.  It makes me so sad.  It makes me sad that a family that I’ve been following for so long is taking a break.  That their life is taking a turn..for worse of better, who knows.  I have been noticing that Jon was not in many posts, but I did not think anything of it.

I know…it seems kind of silly for me to be even remotely sad over a family who have no idea that I exist.  It’s like a couple that I’m friends with are breaking up.  And, now I am supposed to keep up with them separately instead of just having them together ALL THE TIME.  I guess it would be like Dave and I breaking up (which I would like to think would never ever happen in a billion-gazillion years, but let’s be real; anything can happen).  Very few people know Dave and I as our own person.  It’s always DaveandJasmine; we are one and the same.

I wish the best for the Armstrong family and they are in my thoughts.

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