I promise…

  • To remember that life is too short for bad books, bad music, bad drivers, and bad sex.
  • To age gracefully, especially in the car when I’m road raging against old people driving. That could be me one day.
  • To live by the words, “We work to work to live, not live to work” – enjoy the finer things in life
    • Especially those amazing meals at the Ravenous Pig and the Rusty Spoon
  • To remember that someone took my headphones from my cubicle and replaced them with broken ones. I will never forget this moment because I have been violated in my own work space. I was too trusting, but no longer. I will find this person and there will be retribution.
  • to TRY to remember that holding grudges is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. But, until I get over it, I am holding onto this grudge like white on rice. Fuck this tattoo on my wrist that says “Let It Go” (BEFORE Frozen, effing Disney…) Give me copious amounts of this poison because baby, I’m in for the long haul.

I’ll update as to when I get over this grudge…soon?


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