Slow Cooker Mini Meatballs

Must remember to do this…I have to use that slow cooker at some point. Who doesn’t love meatballs?! Especially cute mini ones?

The Craving Chronicles

Thanksgiving is next week! Who wants meatballs?

Yeah, I realize that makes no sense. The thing is, I’m not any more ready for Thanksgiving than you are. (You’re not ready, right? Just tell me you’re not to make me feel better. Thanks.)

I’m still working on the planning for our big feast, but I can tell you it’s definitely going to involve some minified Caramel Apple Cupcakes and my favorite Bourbon Cranberry Sauce.

All this feast planning is working up an appetite though, and for this Italian girl, meatballs hit the spot. There are so many things I love about this recipe:

1. It’s hands-off. You spend a few minutes making the meatballs in the beginning, then toss them in the slow cooker and forget about them till dinner time.

2. It feeds a crowd and it’s a crowd pleaser. With this recipe, you can cook a homemade meal…

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