Guess who’s procrastinating?

Me! :raises hand: I don’t want to start packing. I’ve finally realized that I am not a fan of packing clothes. I have to find all these clothes and I always over pack. I like having options and if I can pack these options then I will. I always pack more underwear than needed for sure. Why? Because what if something happens and I need more underwear? Having not enough underwear is not going to leave me in a lurch. The SO and I are going to Atlanta for the SEC championship. Tebow’s last SEC game against Alabama. It’s bittersweet. There is a 70% chance of snow. SNOW! I can’t believe it. And, of course the day that we’re going to be out all day and night is the coldest of the weekend! :Sad face:
What else am I procrastinating in? GRE studying. Alas, I hate it. I wish it could be easier. I also wish I could continue on in my rant, but I have to go to friend’s house to get some winter clothes!


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