I haven’t worked the last 2 days. It’s been kind of rough. I don’t know what to do with my time. I’ve baked everyday that I had off. On Sunday, I baked these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They were a little too cakey for my taste. But, the SO and his kids at worked loved it. On Monday, I made brownies from the Hershey’s recipe. One word: DIVINE. On Tuesday, I made carrot cake. I’m not a fan of carrot cake, but the SO loved it. One thing from next time, remember to put more frosting between the layers! I was in this mode for putting the crumb layer on and totally forgot about putting on more frosting! Today, I wanted to make peanut brittle, but I don’t have enough peanuts. Maybe when I head over to the farmer’s market, I’ll stop and get some peanuts.
This not working a lot situation is really bring the morale down. I was getting better with the whole negativity thing. I was used to working about 30 hours a week and now I’m lucky if I get 25. Sad. I feel bad because the SO is basically fronting everything again. I just bake and hope that it makes up for the financial problems. I went running for the first time on Monday. It was kind of not fun. The regimen was: I run for 2 min and walk for 4 min repeat 5 times for a total of 30 min. I’m still hurting, but I’m gonna do it again today. I ran up and down the street. I didn’t wanna run a mile away and realize that I couldn’t run back. That would be embarrassing. The SO may run with me too. Next Friday, in Gainesville,they’re having a woman’s career fair. The SO said I should go and see what it’s like.
He’s amazing. He’s the most understanding and supportive person in the world. I contemplated finding a job ANYWHERE and doing the long distance thing. But, I find that a little too difficult right now because I don’t want to or have a reason to distance myself from him. I just hope that I can find a job in Gainesville and be a true equal partner with him.


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