Hi Hi

It’s been awhile. I always say that. I hope I never say it again and keep up with the blog. So, what’s new? I applied for the UPF internship again. Again, I did not get it. I took the GRE. I bombed it. At first, I was really upset. I was upset because I thought doing well on the GRE would show me the way, the way to a new life. Alas, I picked the wrong thing to show me the way again. I thought it would prove to myself that I can make it through grad school. The tears that I cried for the GRE did not represent the failing of it, but everything else that failed. The failing of the internship, the failing of being able to find another job, the failing of not have a good enough reason to get out of or stay in Gainesville. The tears that I cried were tears of failure. Failings of everything that I have tried or done.

I made apple pie. I burnt the crust.
Sorry, it’s not much of an update. I’ll try again another day.


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