Sorry for being melodramatic

That’s so not me.  I swear.  That last post didn’t make any sense, I apologize.  I haven’t felt so low in a very long time.  I thought about cutting myself…only for a split second.  I’m not putting myself there again.  It’s just that when the people I love and care about tell me things so straight and blunt, I can’t take it.  I feel ashamed and embarrassed.  I hate getting into trouble.  I hate when people lose respect in me.  I guess I don’t take negative criticism very well.

I know I say I want things to be different in my life, but I also I know I haven’t done anything about it.  Maybe it’s that time.  It’s one of those few times that Pandora comes in and makes me feel a little better.  I put it on and it automatically plays music that says how I feel and makes me feel better.

It makes me feel that whatever it is that I’m feeling…I’m not the only one.


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