Waiting to do my job…

My job as an American citizen that is. I voted. I voted for Barack Obama. Yesterday was the last day of Early Voting in Florida and I made sure it get it done the day before. I even got a $15 parking ticket for it. It was liberating and I felt proud that I put my two cents in this who deal. I voted for other things as well. I voted to appeal that ridiculous law about some crap about Asian aliens who couldn’t own land. It was like passed in the 1920’s for the Japanese. I couldn’t believe that even existed and I couldn’t believe some politicians said that might have been useful in the future. I voted against number two. We all know how I feel on that. A half percent tax raise to help Alachua county’s wild places and parks. I thought it was for a good cause. At least I won’t have to wait in line on Tuesday; it’s going to suck.

I told the SO to go and vote early while he still could and now he may have wait in stupid lines. I can only hope he does the right thing and votes for Barack Obama. Too bad my car’s in the shop. I might have considered going to see him speak tomorrow.


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