Gainesville Politics

I am currently registered as a Democrat. I will most likely vote for Obama. The way I see it is that I am socially a Liberal and Democrat. Financially…is another issue. I don’t have enough money to be worrying about tax breaks, tax cuts, or some other tax something. At least, that’s what I say to people who ask. Michelle Obama stopped here in Gainesville as a part of the “Early Vote for Change” campaign. I unfortunately, had to work. I know, LAME. But, the restaurant is in the heart of downtown Gainesville and Michelle Obama was giving her speech in front the Hippodrome Theatre, which is right next to my work. It was nuts! There were people every where and people were selling stuff to support Obama (or themselves, you never know). I actually bought a couple things too. I just couldn’t resist. I bought a T-shirt and a pin. The SO will complain though. He thought it was a waste of money in the morning when he dropped me off. This is the first souvenir I actually bought during a presidential campaign. It was great seeing the support.

Just in case you don’t know: The University of Florida is an island of blue in a sea of red in Gainesville.. It is naturally assumed that the younger college students would be a bit more liberal. Gainesville is what Sarah Palin would say, “is the best of America,” “real America,” and/or “Pro-America.” Gainesville is a small town; the population being around 200,000 (a good chunk being college students). However, it was uplifting to see not only college students supporting the Obama campaign, but a good amount of old people. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Some of the old people that I meet are liberal like this current blog that I am reading: an 82 y/o woman spouting out the funniest remarks ever and most relevant to the point.

I find it very hard to believe that America would support a person who would make ignorant comments such as the Pro-America comment and wear a scarf with a donkey on it. I mean…DUH.


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