It is I…

I never described myself in this blog…I might as well do it now.

I am an Asian American (father is Vietnamese, mother is of Chinese descent born in Thailand; she considers herself Thai). I grew up in North Lauderdale, Fl. I usually say Fort Lauderdale or Coral Springs because no one ever knows where it is. I am a recent graduate of the University of Florida. I graduated in August 2008 with a BA in English. I have yet to find a forever job, but it will come soon…hopefully. However, I am still a working at restaurants; I think I do kind of well in that industry. I have two younger sisters, and a dog (Mini Pin)  named Nala back home. I have a very large family and I know I would not be who I am today with every single one of them.

I am cohabiting with my SO. We have been dating since April 2006. We made it official on the day the Florida Gators won the NCAA Basketball Championship. I have a cat; her name is Yufi. The SO and I met at work when I had a boyfriend. I quickly became attracted to the SO and quickly broke up with the previous boyfriend within 6 months. The SO is probably the most amazing person I know besides my parents. He puts up with my moods and my very bad organizational skills. I love that we both love the same things but can be different, which can keep the spark alive. I love that he loves to cook and we both love to try new things and travel (when financially possible). I love how he’s so passionate about politics, food, beer pong, and Gator football. He’s probably the man I will marry, but shh…don’t tell him that. I like to keep him on his toes. And, I love how sex between us is great 99.99% of the time.

I love sushi, pasta of any kind, animals (esp. cats, dogs, and turtles). I love to read trashy novels and religious conspiracy thrillers. I like to bake, but not to eat my products. I hate tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers. I love spicy food (esp. Thai and Vietnamese). I will never become a vegetarian because I love meat and dairy too much. I can only speak English and little bits of Spanish. I have been to Thailand three time and Argentina once. Next stop: London, hopefully. My focus in college was early modern British Lit.

This is my third blog. I try to be as upbeat as possible, even though I have been named a pessimistic sometimes. I can cry in almost any movie; my sisters have nicknamed the Sponge. I love my sisters very much. I love to sleep and try to work out when I am not too lazy.

I am a Buddhist. I am a great believer in moderation. I am liberal. The SO calls me a liberal hippie. I think anyone (gay or straight) should have the right to be married. I believe in gun control. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe in stem cell research. I believe in alternative energy options. I believe in helping to the needy to some point. I believe that out education needs to improve. I believe the “War on Terrorism” should not have started. I believed that out economy should improve, but not fully at the cost of the tax payer. I know I am voting for Obama. No, I don’t think Palin is qualified for her position. I used to like McCain. I don’t like him anymore.

These are my beliefs. I know I don’t know everything or how I feel on everything. But, I think I have a good grasp on those things I do know.


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