My cat is very strange, I have realized.  Yufi has been with us for a month.  Funny, it seems much longer.  Whenever Yufi wakes up, she is really needy.  She is all up on you, like white on rice.  She will want to nibble on your ear.  She likes to attack my head.  She has a thing for hair.  She likes to eat, lick, and attack; whichever strikers her fancy first.  Sometimes, she wants you to pet her.  But, for some reasons, I think for entertainment purposes, she will bite you.  I have no idea as to why she does that.  She’ll even go as far as to lick your hand.  I always think that is positive encouragement to continue to pet her since she licks my hand.  But, no, she gets you.  She bites you and licks you.  It’s weird.

Before I go to work, I always stick an ice cube in her water dish.  I know I always appreciate cold water, why wouldn’t my cat?  Well, now it’s a game.  I stick it in there and she goes nuts!  She goes into stalk mode.  I don’t know why my cat is so strange, but she is.  She likes to attack things that move under blankets and she now has a thing for attacking the curtains.

She loves to sleep on the couch and bat her paws at the window whenever she sees anything that moves.  She likes to sleep right behind my head on the couch, so just in case some hair moves around, she’s in a prime location for her attack.

I am so strange.  I find everything she does so cute and amazing.   That is however, if she wakes me up in the morning, then it’s not so cute and amazing, but more so annoying and bratty.  I love my cat like a fat kid loves cake.  How can I not?


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