Stomping Faces

That is what I feel like doing…stomping on faces.  One face in particular is a girl at work, I shall name Helpless Girl (HP).  HP is starting to piss me off.  So, last  Friday, was my day off.  However, HP was crying about how she needed to talk to her TA about her final exam grade and all this stuff.  She asked me to pick up her shift.  I wouldn’t have minded except that she called me an hour and half before she had to go in.  That just pisses me off.  Please just give me a little more notice!  You know how sometimes you get into the mindset that it’s your day off and you can do as you please?  That was me! I had a plan and I was planning on being very productive; you know, housework stuff.  But, all that was dashed because she needed me to pick it up.  Me, coming from an Asian family understands how education is very important, so I didn’t mind taking one for the team.  However, the way I accepted it should have scared her, or so I thought.

When she called me, I was very curt and short with her.  I was annoyed with her.  She always does this!  Her and Flaky Girl (FP).  FP is a different story, however.  I tried to make HP feel bad about what she was doing (i.e. making me feel bad enough for her to take her shift) and make her understand what an inconvenience it was to me.  I know you all must be wondering why didn’t just say no?  I didn’t say no because I am pushover and I honestly felt bad for her.  But, in the end, Karma ended on being on my side because I made $60 that night.  Sweet.  But, I thought the way I responded to her needs should have made her think twice about ever asking me to take her shift.

Or so I thought…She asked me AGAIN to take her shift for tomorrow.  I understand that she was in South Florida during Tropical Storm Fay and that she had no way to get there.  But, it was just that she acts so, well, HELPLESS, about it.  She didn’t think Fay would get there?  Did she not think that the storm was not going to hit?  Did she think to leave sooner than expected?  I guess not.  What makes me so mad is that she thinks she can be cute and be so “naiive” that she can get away with it.  She thinks she can get away with taking advantage of people (me) without Karma expecting to come and get her.  Well, believe me, it is.  And, when it does, I can’t wait.


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