I am fed up

I am fed up of being taken advantage of.  HP is the last straw, I hope.  No, I am sure.  There is no next time for me helping her and anyone who doesn’t deserve my help.  HP is officially on my S**t list.  I am trying not to curse in this blog, however, I feel in this situation I need to.  After thinking about the situation, I think I have come to a realization of what is really make me mad and making me feel so frustrated.

I think what is pissing me off is that HP is taking advantage of what kind of person I am.  I am the type of person who will do the right thing.  HP is putting me in the position where I have to do the right thing, even though I don’t want to do the right thing.  I don’t ask to be put into these situations.  I would be happy not knowing what is going on.  But, what else can I do but accept, smile, and move on?


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