Rainy Days

I enjoy rainy days. I enjoy them most on my days off and spending it with the SO and the new addition to the family, my kitten, Yufi. This is how we have spent our day off together:

Wake up at noon, play/cuddle with Yufi, eat lunch @ Peach Valley, go to Asian Market, Starbucks, get my eyebrows done, get some reading material at Barnes and Nobles, go home for an hour, go to Farmer’s Market and Ward’s, come home and read.

It didn’t start raining until we left Ward’s and by then we were in a monsoon. However, rainy days bring out the stupidest of stupid drivers. I for one, am a very cautious if not an annoyingly slow driver. I got into an accident on the turnpike in the rain and have been since scared. What baffles me is how some people just don’t put on their headlights in the rain. My road rage comes out in full force and I have no pity nor sympathy for people such as that. The headlights are not for you alone, it is for all around you. Because of some idiot who doesn’t put on their headlights, there are many in danger of losing their lives. It seems so silly to be upset/annoyed by that, but alas, here I am venting about it.

Besides the stupidity of drivers, my overall day has been delightful. I am contemplating going to kick boxing though. I haven’t worked out in two weeks, even though I have been meaning to do so more often. I have laundry being done and I don’t think I have to cook tonight since the SO cooked enough for an army last night. At this moment in time, the SO is sharing funny little tidbits from his current reading material, Las Halles Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain is our new thing right now. I think he will be our new thing for a very long time. Funny and interesting Anthony Bourdain tidbits, possible working out, and an oh-so-cute Yufi sleeping next me: PERFECT.


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