Let Down

I know he doesn’t want a cat.  I am sad.  It’s true I do not need a cat, but he knows I have been dying for one for such a long time.  And, I am trying hard not to be upset about it, but I am.  I want to cry.  It’s so silly, isn’t it?  He wants a dog.  I do too!  But, it’s just not possible with the $100 extra a month.  I guess I can go to other people’s places and play with their pet, but it’s not the same I know.  This is an issue I shouldn’t be upset about.  It’s so little, so miniscule… so why am I so upset?  I basically started tearing up when I realized he truly did not want a cat.  I should just block gainesville pet rescue from my computer so I don’t get tempted and starting to want a cat.  I should just start getting used to the idea of not having a cat.  I know some may say that I should just fight harder for it.  But, when your SO blatantly doesn’t want a cat, it kind of takes the fun out of it.  I guess it’s a good thing that we’re not getting cat, it’s not like we can really afford it anyways.


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One response to “Let Down

  1. englishsucks

    I’m sorry about not getting a cat however I hate cat, just saw bunch of kittens all over at friends’ house.

    I’d drop one tiny kitten in basket at your front step (only if i knew you in real life, lol)


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